About Us

What started off as just selling clothes on the side on an app called "Poshmark" turned into a full time hobby and passion. The owner set out to launch her own online boutique with the help of her husband. Because of her strong knowledge and experience in fashion, she was able to pursue her dream much sooner than expected in May 2015. She is on a mission to make Ivy And Chantelle the next go-to online retail boutique.

About the Boutique

Ivy And Chantelle is an online boutique that offers clothing for the bold, the feminine, the free-spirited, and the classic. 

It is a brand that is not only focused on one aspect of style. It is influenced by many different styles, including the owner's, and the latest trends to create a distinct selection of fashion that will allow the customer to feel beautiful and confident in what they are wearing.

Who is Ivy and Chantelle?

Ivy is strong, bold, faithful, and free-spirited. Chantelle is feminine, classic, passionate, and ethereal. The two personalities bring out opposing aspects of style to balance each other out as one.

Want to reach us?

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Ivy And Chantelle

PO BOX 822

Glendale, CA 91209


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Photography/Lookbook by Natalie Rose Peterson